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 Installations Of Refrigeration Blinds & Night Covers


Fridge blinds / Night covers for refrigeration units

Commercial Blinds UK are leading suppliers of commercial fridge blinds for refrigerated cabinets, display cabinets, chiller rooms and cold stores in restaurants, shops & supermarkets.

Night covers for refrigeration are used during unoccupied hours in order to reduce the energy consumption. Renowned for reliability, refrigerated blinds have been specially designed for refrigerated equipment. Design, quality and precision in manufacturing coupled with efficiency make Commercial Blinds the envy of our competitors.

– Keeps cold air within chiller or freezer cabinet – Instant energy saving – Food safe – Tailor made to fit your application


Energy saving and increased shelf life of products combined with the durability and competitive pricing of the fridge blinds and night covers ensures a quick and maximum return on the initial investment.

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Refrigeration blinds

Various systems are produced to serve the many different configurations of cabinets. All fridge blinds are manufactured on an individual basis to order. From fully automated fridge blinds up to a width of 3750mm and manual blinds 2500mm to cassette blinds used in numerous applications, predominantly with freezer cabinets.


Commercial fridge blinds

Renowned for reliability, all products have been specially designed for refrigerated equipment and associated dry shelving. Commercial fridge blinds are perfect for supermarkets.

Chiller blinds & curtains

Fixed over the front of a chiller / multideck, refrigerated cabinet or deli counter, our food grade and low odour PVC chiller blinds and curtains are perfect for helping to maintain climate control.

Refrigerated night blinds

Refrigerated night blinds are perfect for supermarkets. They reduce cold-air spillage build-up overnight. Guaranteed to help reduce the amount of cold air lost overnight.


Cold store curtains

Our Freezer grade PVC has been designed specifically for use in deep freeze environments making it ideal for use in cold stores, chilled areas, refrigerated vehicles and freezer rooms.

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Fridge Blinds Case Studies

Take a look at some of the commercial fridge and chiller blinds we have worked on for restaurants, shops and supermarkets.



When choosing to use Commercial Blinds UK we want you to be sure you are making the right choice and we try to assist with your decision by gaining certain accreditation’s which demonstrate our commitment to provide a certain standard of product and service quality.

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Help & Advice

Our team installs refrigerated blinds in way that requires no disruption to daily operations.


Made To Measure

Each refrigeration blinds project uses top quality, made to measure blinds.


Night Blinds Solutions

We are the UK’s main commercial fridge blinds supplier. No project is too large or too small.


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