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Commercial Blinds For Shops

We have gained demonstrable experience in the retail sector with varying experience from printed window blinds, to shop awnings and overnight fridge blinds. Our services in the retail sector work around your store environments where your customer experience is priority. We can even work outside of opening hours to ensure little disruption to your daily trade.

Call us on (0113) 347 2347, or request an appointment with a local adviser today for a free retail and shop window blind consultation.

Request an appointment with a local adviser today for a free consultation. We will then discuss your commercial shop blinds requirements, assess the size, type of windows and purpose of the shop to provide a solution that meets your exact specification.

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Key Solutions For Retail Sector

Our retail experience ranges from shops, to cafes and restaurants in many shapes and sizes. You can trust in Commercial Blinds UK to plan and deliver a blinds solution focusing on your needs as a business, without the installation impacting on your trade. Take a look at some of the areas we work in for shops

Independent Stores

We design and install blinds that are custom made to the size of the windows based on requirements. This means you can be sure that the blinds fitted will fit perfectly.


Blinds are needed in supermarkets for many reasons. They are required for fridges to ensure the cold air does not escape. This keeps products and reduces energy consumption.

Department Stores

Professional looking blinds are needed for department stores. You can have custom printed blinds that includes your logo which will give them that professional finish.

Shopping Centres

Shopping centre blinds are required to be large and and durable to ensure they last. We provide durable large blinds that are need for shopping centres.

Key Areas For Shop Blinds

Indoor Shop Window

We design and install custom printed blinds for shops and other type of business. Our custom printed blinds incorporate your company logo on to various types of blinds in any size required. We use excellent digital technology in our print process to reproduce your logo or images to the highest quality.

Commercial Shop Blinds For Outdoors

We provide a range of commercial shop blinds for outdoors to meet the requirements needed by each customer. From commercial shop front blinds to shop outdoor roller blinds, we are sure to have the blind to fit your needs.

Commercial Shop Fridge

Commercial Blinds UK are leading suppliers of blinds for shop fridges from commercial refrigerated cabinets in supermarkets, to restaurants & cafes. Renowned for reliability, commercial fridge/night blinds have been specially designed for refrigerated equipment.

Door Blinds For Shops

Shop door blinds are the perfect solution for blocking light and stopping anybody from looking into your shop during closed hours. These door blinds can be customised with your logo to make your shop look professional to those looking from the outside.

Shop Front Blinds

Our shop front roller blinds are available in various styles and colours to ensure they meet your requirements. They can also be custom made with your company colours and logo which is perfect for giving your business shop a professional style.

Types Of Shop Blinds

Roller Blinds For Shops

We can offer custom made commercial roller blinds in a wide range of fabric colors, and materials. Our roller blinds for shops allow you to have full control over the amount of light you let into your shop and also give you great heat retention.

Shop Blackout

We provide small and large blackout blinds for shop windows. These allow you to block out all light within your shop which is perfect during closed hours.

Shop Printed Blinds UK

Our printed blinds for shops give your store a professional look to your shop as they are fully custom. We use varied styles which either allow for light to pass through from behind, or other styles, which block out the light completely.

Electric Shop

Electric shop blinds are a great solution to allow for greater control in energy efficiency and a level of sophisticated automation. We offer a variety of design such as roller blinds or motorised shutters.

Benefits Of Shop Blinds

Sun Resistant Blinds

Our commercial sun blinds for shop windows provide a multitude of benefits. For example, our anti glare window blinds for shops are perfect for stopping glare through shop windows onto screens. Anti UV blinds for shop windows block out harmful rays from the sun (but still allow you to see the view outside). Finally, sun blinds for shop windows are also great for stopping too much sun from entering your shop. This helps to stop your shop from becoming too warm.

Extra Large Blinds Available

Our experts work with windows of all sizes. Most common bespoke options that we install are large width roller blinds for shop window and vertical blinds which are perfect for shops that usually have larger windows and bigger spaces, as well as any extra-large windows and storefronts.

Made To Measure

As you can see there are many options for shop windows. Generally, your choice will depend on personal preferences and style or size of the shop and windows. Need more help? Get in touch with one of our expert customer advisors and we will help you choose the blind for your specific shop.

Commercial Blinds UK Brochure

Download our Brochure for more information about the blinds Commercial Blinds UK has to offer.

Take A Look At Some Of Our Latest shop window blind Projects

Here are some of our recent shop window blind installation projects.

When choosing to use Commercial Blinds UK we want you to be sure you are making the right choice and we try to assist with your decision by gaining certain accreditation’s which demonstrate our commitment to provide a certain standard of product and service quality.

Our Clients

At Commercial Blinds UK, we want you to have confidence in your decision. Here are some of our past clients for whom we have manufactured, delivered and installed high-quality retail blinds.


Help & Advice

Our shop blinds team work in a way that requires no disruption to daily operations.

Made To Measure

Each blinds project uses top quality, made to measure shop blinds.

Shop Blinds Solutions

No school blinds project is too large or too small

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