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Office Blinds

We are UK based specialists in window blinds for commercial offices


Office Blinds

Commercial Blinds UK are established in large scale office blinds projects. We have completed many office window blinds installations for businesses across the UK with a great portfolio of successful projects for offices, meeting rooms and receptions.


Our experts work with many different sizes, styles, designs and materials so finding your perfect office blinds will be quick and easy. Call us today to get your office blinds!

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Anti Glare

Our anti glare window blinds for offices include fabrics that are perfect for solar control and reducing glare on computer screens.

Heat retention

Office blinds aid heat retention and help keep offices cool during summer and help insulate heat during the winter months.

Commercial Materials

Office blinds fabrics range from screen fabrics which reduce solar glare whilst still preserving a view to the outside to conventional fabrics which provide privacy yet allow a certain amount of light transmission to blackout fabrics.

Professionally Installed

We are experts in providing solutions to large size office blinds and awkward installation scenarios.

Our range of office blinds:

Vertical Office Blinds

Vertical window blinds for the office are a popular, cost effective way to bring the office to life.

Blackout Blinds

Office window blinds for total blackout conditions

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are the perfect blind for adding simple style to your office.

Venetian Blinds

A slatted design makes them fashionable addition to any office

Office Blinds Installation

Our experts work with many different sizes, styles, designs and materials. We are sure to find the best style of blind to suit you and your commercial, industrial and even domestic projects.


Help & Advice

Our team work in way that requires no disruption to daily operations.



Made To Measure

Each blinds project uses top quality, made to measure commercial blinds.


Blinds Solutions

No window blinds project is too large or too small.


custom printed blinds

Custom Printed Office Blinds

We design and install custom printed blinds for offices and other type of business. Our custom printed blinds incorporate your company logo on to various types of blinds in any size required. We use excellent digital technology in our print process to reproduce your logo or images to the highest quality.


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When choosing to use Commercial Blinds UK we want you to be sure you are making the right choice and we try to assist with your decision by gaining certain accreditation’s which demonstrate our commitment to provide a certain standard of product and service quality.

Bling & Shutter Associations

The Association takes a leading role to ensure high standards of product, service and fair trading throughout the trade. Each member must adhere to a Code of Practice and is kept updated with changes to standards, requirements and best practice


This health and safety legislation was created to achieve the following aims:

  • To simplify health and safety contractor assessment by standardising requirements. 
  • To allow companies to avoid undergoing health and safety assessments for every job.
Make it safe

We take child safety extremely seriously – Please see www.makeitsafe.org.uk for further child safety information.

Office Window Blinds Testimonials

We received a great service from the guys at Commercial Blinds UK – high quality products, excellent fitting, a helpful approach and the job was completed with no disruption within in a tight turnaround. Highly recommended!

Natalie Waterhouse

Director, BML

Excellent customer service and quality product. We would recommend Commercial Blinds to other companies that we work with.

Tessa Baptist

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