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Blinds For Medical Centres

Commercial Blinds UK supplies window blinds for Dr’s practices and the wider healthcare sector. Having worked with many institutions, including the NHS, we have a wide range of experience and specialised products for patient and staff areas.

Our healthcare sector and medical centre blinds are produced to meet the considerations of practices, with medical-grade window blinds.

Call us on (0113) 347 2347, or request an appointment with a local medical center blind adviser today for a free healthcare setting and medical centre window blinds consultation.

Request an appointment with a local health sector adviser.  We discuss your practice requirements, assess the size, type of windows and purpose of the surgery to provide a solution that meets your needs.

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Key Products For Medical Centres

Take a look at some of our products that are perfect for Medical Practices, Centres & Clinics.

Vertical Blinds For Medical Centres

Our vertical blinds for medical centres are available in various styles and fabrics. They are perfect for blocking light and retaining heat which is vital in medical practice settings.


Medical Clinic Blackout Roller Blinds

We provide blackout blinds to medical clinics which blocks out all natural light. This helps for a patient’s privacy from prying eyes in or out of the clinic and, where necessary, a good nights sleep.

Dr Surgery Roller Blinds

Medical Centre Roller blinds are perfect for controlling the amount of light being let in and also for heat retention.

Medical Practice Venetian Blinds

Our Medical Clinic venetian blinds allow for easy control over light. These can be tilted which is a great way of ensuring there is just enough light being let in.

Printed Blinds For Medical Centres
We design and install custom printed blinds for Medical Practices, Centres & Clinics. Our digitally printed blinds incorporate logos and photos on to various types of blinds in any size required. We use excellent digital technology in our print process to produce printed blinds of the highest quality.

Medical Practices, Centres & Clinics Vision Panel Flaps

The Vision Panel Flaps offer a discreet screen on doors/windows without the need for mechanisms – especially important where there are space restrictions. These are seen as infection control friendly as they can be easily removed and replaced for cleaning purposes. Light seepage is kept to a minimum due to the closeness of fabric to the glass.

Benefits Of Medical Centre Blinds

Energy Efficient

Our medical centre blinds are great for heat retention. This helps to reduce the costs of heating due to there being less heat lost through windows.

Light Control

We can provide medical clinic blinds that are perfect for controlling the amount light let in. This can be to ensure total blackout or let a lot of light in.

Made To Measure

All of our medical centre and Dr’s surgery blinds are made to client requirements. This means that you know that the blinds you buy are perfect for your windows.

Commercial Blinds UK Brochure

Download our Brochure for more information about the blinds Commercial Blinds UK has to offer.

Healthcare Blinds Projects

When choosing to use Commercial Blinds UK we want you to be sure you are making the right choice and we try to assist with your decision by gaining certain accreditation’s which demonstrate our commitment to provide a certain standard of product and service quality.
Our Clients
At Commercial Blinds UK, we want you to have confidence in your decision. Here are some of our past clients for whom we have manufactured, delivered and installed high-quality hospital and healthcare blinds.

Help & Advice

Our medical blinds team work in a way that requires no disruption to daily operations.

Made To Measure

Each blinds project uses top quality, made to measure hospital, practice & care home blinds.

Hospital Solutions

No medical blinds project is too large or small. Get in touch for more info.

Call now:

0113 347 2347


Get in touch online, or request an appointment with a local health sector adviser.  We discuss your medical practices, centre or clinic requirements, assess the size, type of windows and purpose of the healthcare setting to provide a solution that meets your needs.