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Window Blinds For Schools, Nurseries & Universities

Commercial Blinds UK have years of experience in the education sector having worked in 100’s of schools and universities throughout the UK. Our knowledge in providing tailored blind solutions for halls, classrooms, kitchens, science labs, offices and staff areas help us to advise the right window blinds for each school. We have experience in providing small and large school blinds to schools across the UK so you know you can trust us to provide the perfect solution for you.

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Contact us to discuss your school classroom blinds s requirements. We will assess the size, type of windows to provide a solution that meets your exact specification. Call us today to find the right blinds for your school/university!

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Key Blind Solutions For Educational Sector

Take a look at some of our solutions that are perfect for educational sector.

Nursery Blinds

If you have a nursery, or premises where children under the age of 42 months are present or likely to have access you must install blinds which are compliant with the child safety requirements of BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014.

School Blinds UK

We advise the use of cordless systems in the education sector to reduce risk of accident. Inherently save blind systems include crank handle operation and remote control blinds.

College Blinds

Our blinds use robust materials, which can withstand the wear and tear of pupils’ attentions. We are able to provide an after care service for all your existing school blinds and curtains.

University Blinds

We work in and out of term time, to ensure your university blinds are installed with minimal disruption to teaching and learning.

Key Areas For School Blinds

Common Rooms

Our common room school blinds provide control over the amount of light you let into the room and are great for retaining heat within common rooms.

School Hall Blinds

We provide high quality hall blinds for schools that are available in various fabrics and styles to fit your requirements.

Classroom Blinds

School classroom blinds allow full control over light and are child safe.

Types Of Blinds For Schools

Electric Blinds For Schools

Electric classroom blinds allow easy operation in the classroom, allowing the blinds to be easily closed and opened automatically rather than manually.

School Blackout Blinds

Our commercial blackout blinds for schools give simple style to classroom but are perfect for heat retention and blocking light from entering or leaving.

Vertical School Blinds

Vertical blinds for schools offer superb control over how much light is filtered into a room. When closed they provide privacy and protect furniture and carpets from direct sunlight.

Roller Blinds For Schools

Our small & large roller blinds for schools are perfect for controlling the amount of light you allow into the room.

Benefits Of Blinds For Schools


Anti Glare

Our anti glare window blinds for schools include fabrics that are perfect for solar control and reducing glare on computer screens.

Child Safe

We advise the use of cordless systems in the education sector to reduce risk of accident. Our blinds can be fitted to ensure they are safe for the curiosity of children.

Commercial Materials

Classroom blinds fabrics range from screen fabrics which reduce solar glare whilst still preserving a view to the outside to conventional fabrics which provide privacy yet allow a certain amount of light transmission to blackout fabrics.

Supplied & Fitted School Blinds

We are suppliers and fitters of school blinds so we are sure to have the blinds to fit your requirements and style of your buildings.

Commercial Blinds UK Brochure

Download our Brochure for more information about the blinds Commercial Blinds UK has to offer.

Some of our recent school, nursery and university window blind projects

When choosing to use Commercial Blinds UK we want you to be sure you are making the right choice and we try to assist with your decision by gaining certain accreditation’s which demonstrate our commitment to provide a certain standard of product and service quality.

Our Clients

At Commercial Blinds UK, we want you to have confidence in your decision. Here are some of our past clients for whom we have manufactured, delivered and installed high-quality nursery, school and university window blinds.

School Window Blinds Testimonials


We received a great service from the guys at Commercial Blinds UK – high quality products, excellent fitting, a helpful approach and the job was completed with no disruption within in a tight turnaround. Highly recommended! Natalie Waterhouse

Director, BML

Excellent customer service and quality product. We would recommend Commercial Blinds to other companies that we work with. Tessa Baptist


Help & Advice

Our school blinds team work in a way that requires no disruption to daily operations.

Made To Measure

Each blinds project uses top quality, made to measure school blinds.

School Blinds Solutions

No school blinds project is too large or too small

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